It all started with a van. And folks love our cupcakes!

It started with a desire to own my own business, an idea, a nostalgic memory and a blue van and grew from on an “on wheels” concept to a dessert garage!

The Beginning

Driving through our neighborhood I saw an old beat up ice cream truck tootling around. It was unusual as there are very few kids in the area. I got nostalgic and I strolled down memory lane.  I remembered how I used to hear the music, run barefoot in a panic into the house and beg my mom for change while panting, hurry, hurry, he’s going to be gone! Just as vivid as if I was once again 7.  It made me think… there is certainly a void in my adult life for something so simple yet so enjoyable!

So, the wheels began to spin…wouldn’t it be great if the ice cream truck was updated for “us” urban city dwellers?  I knew I wouldn’t be willing to run down the street in 3 inch heels, chasing after an ice cream truck again, but you can bet your Jimmy Choos I would do it in a heartbeat if it were a cupcake truck!   What cute ‘lil van wouldn’t make you smile, especially one loaded with delicious cupcakes that meets you curbside!

The Dessert Garage

Flirty Cupcakes Dessert Garage was created to meet the demands of our customers. And when I say demands, I mean demands. When that craving hits, our stalkers want their cupcakes immediately and sometimes it isn’t practical to track down the van. We know our customers love the experience of chasing our van, so we wanted to continue to give them a one of a kind experience in our bakery that resembles an industrial chic garage. It’s a really fun place to hang out, relax, work, visit or just eat. And for Flirty Cupcakes on Wheels, it’s a great “garage” to park at when not squealing it’s tired curbside.